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All the ways we help bring your special project to life



We deliver skilled AV professionals well-versed in the intricacies of exceptional audiovisual experiences across diverse platforms. Whether it's creating immersive live event environments, ensuring seamless virtual interactions, or producing captivating personal TED (like) talks, our AV engineers have the expertise and technical know-how to bring your vision to life.

event production at a concet with red and orange hue

Venue partnership

Next Step has strong partnerships with a diverse range of venues and meeting spaces. These relationships allow Next Step to bridge clients with some of the best venues, creating mutually beneficial alliances for our clients, the attendees, and the venue. 

audiovisual dashboard or daw

Event Audio Production and Rental

Never underestimate the power of quality sound. Ensure that your clients are properly heard with our audio engineers and equipment.  With Next Step, your clients will receive the crystal clear audio the event/ presentation deserves. 

Inquire about our audio rentals:

  • Digital Audio Consoles

  • Wireless Microphones and Lavaliers

  • Speakers and Sound Systems

camera operator or cinematographer on production set

Event Video Production and Rental

Living in and capturing the moment is the goal when your event is rolling.  At Next Step, we ensure events come to life. Next Step delivers video presentations that truly capture the experience.

Video Switching and Processing

Projection and Video Walls

Cameras and Live Video Streaming

Inquire about our video rentals:

  • Video switchers

  • Cameras

  • Projectors

  • Video Walls

Lighting can change the entire ambiance of an event.  Lightscaping for small, large, intimate or lively events? Next Step can light it all.  Our light design technicians supply all that you need for your next event whether in color, patterns, accents or strobe lights. 

LED Lighting


Creative Lighting

Inquire about our lighting rentals:

  • LEDs

  • Uplights

  • Light Trees

  • LED Video Wall Rentals (Because size does matter)

Event Lighting Production & Rental

gaffer photo-of-woman-setting-lighting-in-studio.jpeg
live stream zoom call session

Virtual events and Live Streaming

The convergence of AV and IT has come upon us and it’s not going anywhere.  Live streaming is now an integral part of most events. Next Step will ensure that presenters are heard and seen in the best possible way -  both in person and on live stream screens. 

team of people of color working Black and brown women at work

Event Design, Creative and Visualization

The big picture. The little details. And everything in between. Next Step will guide you through the full life cycle- from ideation, to event pre-planning through post-mortem wrap ups.

  • Renderings and Visualization

  • Buildouts

  • Branding

Other Areas of Expertise

Our recruiters have several years of industry experience- let us help you grow your team through our robust AI platforms.

  • Technology

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Administrative & Support

  • Creative Services

  • Data & Analytics

  • E-Commerce

  • Fashion & Beauty

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing

  • Operations

  • Product UX/UI

  • Supply Chain


Ready to unlock AV and production excellence?



An AV engineer, short for audiovisual engineer, is a skilled professional who specializes in designing, implementing, and maintaining audiovisual systems. They are responsible for the technical aspects of audio and visual equipment used in various settings such as conference rooms, event venues, theaters, broadcasting studios, and more. In other words, they bring your ideas to life.


studio headphones and mic
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